Medical Study Program in Romania for Nigerian Students


Nigerian students can select to study medicine, dentistry or pharmacy in Romania in English or in Romanian language. Most of the Universities of medicine and pharmacy in Romania have undergraduate programs that are taught in English, postgraduate programs in Romanian and a medical preparatory year program.

Choosing to study abroad in European Union, especially in Romania, is the best choice you can make: vast cultural diversity, access to all  European countries, heart of research and conferences centres and possibility of easily being involved into community, meeting people from all over the world and possibility of making network useful lasting for the rest of live, etc.

Advantages of studying in Romania as a Nigerian

Enrolling for a medical study program in Romania as a Nigerian student comes with quite a number of advantages. And the following are some of the reasons why we always recommend a medical study program in Romania for Nigerian Students.

  1. Excellent quality of education in Romania
  2. Reasonable tuition fees and living expenses in Romania
  3. Rich academic heritage in Romania
  4. Great Choice of University programs in Romania
  5. Multicultural environment in Romanian Universities
  6. University Quality and Transferability in Romania
  7. European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) in Romania


Long program University Degree:

  • Faculty of General Medicine (6 years)
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine ( 6 years )
  • Faculty of Pharmacy (5 years)

Short program University:

  • Nursing – 4 study years
  • Midwifery – 4 study years
  • Radiology and Medical Imaging – 3 study years
  • Clinical Laboratory – 3 study years
  • Physio-Kinesitherapy and Rehabilitation – 3 study years
  • Dental Techniques – 3 study years
  • Dental Hygienist – 3 study years
  • Nutrition and Dietetics – 3 study years


Requirements for Starting a Medical Study Program in Romania for Nigerian Students

  1. International Passport Datapage
  2. O’Level Result
  3. Application Form.


Tuition fees for Medical Programs

  • 1900 – 2700 Euro per year for Romanian Language Program
  • 3200 – 5000 Euro Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine
  • 5000 — 6000 Euro for Masters and Doctorate Degree

Student Living cost in Romania

Student living cost in Romania is not so expensive compared to other European countries, but the monthly amount can vary depending on the lifestyle of each international student. Nevertheless, with 300 to 500 EURO/ month, an international student can live very comfortably and enjoy affordable University education in Romania.

Approximate student living cost :

  • Student hostel: 70 Euro/month/person (3 beds/room!),
  • Private apartment:150 – 400 Euro/month,
  • Food:150 – 200 Euros,
  • Clothes: you must take in account that you need at least winter and summer clothes,
  • Medical insurance: 10 Euro/ month (26 year or less students do not paid assures. It is include in their tuition fee),
  • Internet: 15 Euros,
  • Transport:40 Euros,
  • Taxi: approximately 0.32 Euro/km;
  • Sandwich: 2 Euro;

Medical Universities in Romania

  • Carol Davila university of Medicine
  • University of Medicine Cluj
  • University of Medicine Iasi
  • University of medicine Timisoara
  • Craiova Medical University
  • Oradea medical university

Constanta Medical University